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Regime des Fleurs

Artefacts Candle - Swans

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Gandharan, c. 500 BC

Notes: Orris, sandalwood, white violet, carrot seed, white pepper, balsams, musk

The word 'paramahansa' is a Sanskrit title of honor assigned to the most saintly of Hindu teachers. The literal translation of the term to English is 'Royal Swan.' In ancient Hindu texts the Swan was a symbol of the enlightened spirit. As a swan glides through water without getting wet, so the soul journeys through the cosmic ocean, shedding all attachments: being in the world, but not of it.

Lidded vessels made from porcelain, encased in a beautiful acrylic box


Made in USA

Please use out of reach of children and in a well-ventilated safe place. Do not leave unattended in use.


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