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Polished Optical Calcite Rhomboid Large


Calcite is a mineral that can be found in many forms or colour variations. It as a powerful energy amplifer and cleanser of energy. In addition to this cleansing power Calcite is a stone that can connect deeply to our emotions and mental capacity. It aids in connecting emotions to intellect, to be able to view the roots of our feelings, and to encourage emotional growth from negative to positive. As a cleansing crystal, it is also helpful in easing stress and replacing it with serenity.

Optical (Clear) Calcite in particular is akin to Clear Quartz in its healing properties. Associated with the crown chakra, it wills one's aura with Light to be able to see and accept higher levels of spiritual energy. This form of Calcite promotes spiritual healing. 

To learn more about crystal care and use, please visit this page

Approx. 4 x 2.8cm.