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Orto Parisi

Seminalis EDP

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Based on a study that found male sperm are attracted to the female egg by a scent akin to Lilly of the valley. Proof that life begins with olfactory attraction. A stimulus in a fragrance bottle, Seminalis is a scent designed to draw attraction between the sexes.

A creamy, floral fragrance inspired by life itself, in the most literal sense. Notes of almond, milk, honey, wood and green pepper collide to create a superbly intriguing accord. This fragrance is potent and extremely long lasting. The flash shaped bottle features a cap of tumbled silver with a semi-transparent bakelite inlay. 

50ml. Extrait du Parfum

Ingredients: Alcohol, fragrance


Please note: Due to the alcohol content of this product, we can only ship domestically using standard road shipping for a fee of $10.