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Apotheke Fragrance

Mystic Voyage Incense


 Mystic Voyage incense by Apotheke.

An oriental, spicy and woody scent blending florals with spices and trees that bring together elements of the spice route. The incense is meticulously hand-rolled onto a bamboo stick, celebrating the simple elegance and analogue texture of handmade labour. Each stick has a burn time of 100-110 minutes, there are 25 incense sticks to a box, each 33cm long. 
Notes: Carnation, clove, nutmeg, patchouli, rose, saffron, vanilla, white pepper, woods. 

Handmade in Japan.

Please use out of reach of children and in a well-ventilated safe place. Do not leave incense unattended in use. 


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