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Claudia Lau

Line Rim Plate - Tangerine

A small, perfectly round plate with a line detail near the rim. Claudia's ingenious techniques and knowledge of ceramics are reflected in each piece. This bright orange glaze mutes in colour where the application is thicker. This glaze develops a unique highly crystallized surface where thicker. On this plate, the variations of this glaze are more visible on the underside of the plate where pale pink specks decorate the surface. This plate has many uses in the home, for serving food or holding jewels. 

This crystalline glaze requires unique and highly specialized firing technical knowledge and conditions to achieve the "perfect" surface. 

Care instructions:  Treat with upmost care, each piece is handmade and individual. Gently hand wash with a sponge or cloth and avoid harsh detergents. 

All glazes have been fired to 1300 degrees and are for use with food unless specified. Claudia uses a particular and detailed process that involves starving a gas-fired kiln of oxygen, increasing the formation of crystals in the glazes and allows space for more variation in colour and surface. 

Diameter measures 13cm

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