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Blakebrough + King

Orpheus Desktop Brass Mirror

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A compact mirror by BLAKEBROUGH + KING.

Inspired by the tragedy of ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

Orpheus lost his wife in Eurydice. Because of his musical prowess, he was given the opportunity to return her from the underworld - on the condition, he didn't look at her face - he couldn't resist to do so and hence lost her forever.

- A symbol of Orpheus etched into mirror
- Brass frame
- Hand-sized handmade mirror
- Visual interpretation of the mythology which tells the story through its symbol

Etched mirror and brushed brass. Made in Melbourne.

Size: 9.5cm

Care Instructions:
- Use a non-scratch silver scouring pad to bring brass back to bright
- Brighten with Brasso and a rag or leave to naturally patina
- The mirror glass can be cleaned with a damp cloth and dried with a paper towel