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Florist NYC

Baby Bag with Coral & Flowers - Brown

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The Baby Bag is a discrete yet doting essentials-only bag. Ideal for your phone, keys, wallet, and small snacks. Featuring coral and flower motifs exclusive to Shifting Worlds, all bags are made and embroidered by hand in-house. When working with natural materials by virtue they have variation or imperfections. Every hide is different, each with its own blemishes and characteristics. Florist encourages the wearer to put their bag to use daily and to enjoy the unique patina that develops. 

Miain: 100% Leather, Embroidery: 100% Cotton. Handmade in New York, USA.

Height: 18cm
Width: 15cm
Depth: 5cm

Care instructions

Don't be afraid of using your bag. It can be easily marked and scratched, however it will age beautifully with a unique patina that is specific to your daily use. If the leather or embroidery gets wet or dirty, gently clean with a soft and light coloured cloth. Let your product dry in a room temperature environment at it's own pace to avoid the leather hardening or cracking. If this does happen however, you can use a salve followed by a beeswax to condition and seal the leather, preventing it from further damage.

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