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Crystal Use Guide

The Earth itself is composed largely by quartz, and the silica and water these crystals are made of are also major components to our physical bodies. The Earth's magnetic field is crystal and gemstone vibrational energy, and so is the magnetic field of the human aura.

As crystals have a solid crystalline structure, they are able to hold a very stable vibration. In comparison, we are much less vibrationally stable and are prone to falling out of balance due to stress, negativity or emotional distress.

By using and having crystals near, we are channel this negative energy out and invite positive energy in. Though the use of crystals can be extremely clearing and positive, it is important to ensure your crystals are in their best energetic-condition.

Clearing Crystals 
There are a few easy methods to clear and cleanse your crystals before use for healing, or display within your home. Crystals should be cleared often, or after each healing use, to make sure they remain at their optimal vibration. 

Running water - Hold your crystal under a stream of running water for a minute or so before drying.

Salt water bath - Leave your crystal in a bath of water mixed with a teaspoon of salt, for 12-24 hours. Rinse then dry. 

Smudging - Pass your crystal through the smoke of sacred herbs such as sage or cedar.

Charging Crystals
Once cleared, leave your crystal in the moonlight overnight to charge. This is especially beneficial during a new moon, full moon, solstice or equinox.