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Giu Giu

GIU GIU (pronounced ‘joo - joo’)  is the creative vision of Giuliana Leila Raggiani who established the brand in 2013 after attending Parsons School of Design and Central Saint Martins. GIU GIU is infused with many influences, such as Guiliana’s time as a trained dancer in the Boston Ballet which lends each piece to be informed by movement, minimal, comfortable and endlessly wearable. Another inspiration is her Nonna, Palmira Giglia who was the owner of Settebello Boutiques and designer of the infamous Vaccaro turtleneck. The soft ribbed cotton knit turtlenecks are an homage to her grandmother's design and the foundation of GIU GIU’s core collection - NONNA. With a nostalgic point of view, GIU GIU has evolved into a product of a unique and mindful lifestyle, bound by simplicity, a reflection conveying the playful humour and offbeat freedom that life should embody, with no limitation to age or gender