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Josh wears the Distressed Slit Neck Wool Sweater in Red, worn under the Long Tailored Soft Wool Jacket in Black and the Belted Soft Wool Wrap Skirt with Buttons in Black, holding the Smooth Leather Mini Pouchette with Strap - all by Y's Yohji Yamamoto. Shoes are models own.

Our newest campaign, cast with warm and colourful characters that connect with our ethos, SHIFTING WORLDS x YOUR WORLDS honours the importance of individuality and its place among community. We believe that dressing up is for every day, that expression through clothing is never finite. Whether attending a frivolous festivity or standing in a crowd outside the neighbourhood closet-sized coffee shop, clothing can elevate or complement the moment. 

We seek always to connect with community, with our values and with the path forward. Each of the people in this series, in their own way, is a representation of everything that excites us at Shifting Worlds. We are lucky to have our world collide with yours. 

Josh SW x YW
Josh wears the Jisho Polo in Eggshell with the Brouillard Sleeveless V-Neck Tunic in Chalk both by RUS, as well as the Pressed Wool Hem Tab Pant in White by Y's Yohji Yamamoto. Shoes are models own. 

Affecting and unflinching, Josh is steadfast in their pursuit of work that feels meaningful to them. Working under multiple banners in publishing, writing and fine arts, namely No More Poetry and IchikawaEdward, Josh represents an emerging sect of creatives devoted to unearthing new ways of thinking, advocating for new voices and, at all times, acting with a sense of tender sentimentality. 

Does fashion require context to make sense to you?
No, in the broadest sense, and without delving too deeply, fashion is best to reject context. Unless context is dinner or business. 

Josh wears the Distressed Slit Neck Wool Sweater in Red, worn under the Long Tailored Soft Wool Jacket in Black and the Belted Soft Wool Wrap Skirt with Buttons in Black - all by Y's Yohji Yamamoto. Shoes are models own. 

Is identity better communicated through action or artefact?
Absolutely both. Action for now, artefact for the record.

Is there such a thing as genuine authenticity? What role does clothing have in representing your authentic self? 
I think that genuine authenticity is a tautology, to be both genuine and authentic is to be both real and real, true and true. I prefer to think of dressing as a performative, and in this I mean, an outfit for a character and a character for an outfit. There is dressing for power, for play and for tenderness, for clarity. 

Vy wears the Chusen Dyed Full Length Shirt Dress by Y's Yohji Yamamoto with the Tall Bag in Black by Medea.

Everything Vy does is a labour of love. Endlessly devoted to her carefully curated and hand selected vintage store, Lune Selects, Vy has committed her attention and eye for detail to creating an experience that honours both garment and the person who will take it home. When sourcing, Vy prioritises the tactility of the textile, the quality of the piece, and reimagining these garments with new people to love them. 

Vy wears the Patchwork Wool Belted Coat in Off White by Y's Yohji Yamamoto

Is fashion more about romanticism or practicality? 
I would never feel comfortable dictating what "fashion is..", but for me personally, I find that I'm definitely more of a practical dresser and when I'm sourcing pieces for my shop (& customers), practicality is one of the most important factors. 

Of course, what immediately draws me to a piece is very instinctual and informed by how it makes me feel. Usually this is inspired by the colour, texture or cut - I guess these aspects can be attributed towards the romanticism of a piece because you are immediately transported by all the possibilities of the garment. And if you can dream up all the ways to wear it, then you can work it into your daily life no matter how 'impractical' it may seem at first.

Do you prefer things to stay the same, like ritual or routine, or are you more excited by change and difference?
I like the idea of change and difference, and think it sounds much more exciting than things remaining the same. But I really look forward to and make time for my rituals and am always working on my routine. 

Having a healthy and sustainable daily routine is something I aspire to, since I don't have regular work hours and am not good at switching off. The idea of keeping to a regular routine is really exciting and quite novel to me personally. I look forward to working on and mastering this. 

Vy wears the Olympic Matte Crop in Black by All is a Gentle Spring with the Wool Gabardine Side Ruffle Skirt in Black by Y's Yohji Yamamoto

What was the last thing that truly surprised you?
I just needed to drink more water, eat something or get a solid night of rest. Meeting these basic biological needs solves most things, surprisingly!

Zeina wears the Braided Unitard in Olive by All is a Gentle Spring with the Oscar Pouch (worn as a belt) by Maryam Nassir Zadeh and the Angel Pendant Necklace by Mondo Mondo

Bold and warm yet somehow unassuming, Zeina does everything with abundance and sincerity. An artist of almost every discipline, Zeina is forever searching for new modes of expression, new frontiers to push herself to. Blending movement, photography, film and writing, Zeina has created a world for herself that is never seperate from her creative self or pursuits, executed always with a magnetic kind of exuberance. 

Zeina wears the Floral Balconette Unitard in Prarie (Floral Balconette Leotard in Prarie is available at Shifting Worlds) by All is a Gentle Spring with the Chamomile Necklace in Silver by Mondo Mondo

What elements of your personality are represented in the way you dress? What elements aren't shown?
I usually dress in a pretty assertive way: kind of bold, kind of classic. I don't spend much time creating outfits and it probably shows. Lately I have been feeling quite feminine, I have some new golden earrings and cute heels. And my recently acquired spectacles give my look a more womanly presence. 

Having said all of that, what you probably don't get from the way I dress is the fact that I'm a geek. I'm talking class president, chemistry lover and Ai Yazawa fan geek. I'd choose to binge Lord of the Rings over going out any Saturday night. There's not a Pixar film I haven't seen and as a kid I read the entire Harry Potter series in 9 days. 

Zeina wears the Fuku Oversized Polo Sweater in Ice from RUS, worn over the Floral Balconette Unitard in Prarie (Floral Balconette Leotard in Prarie is available at Shifting Worlds) by All is a Gentle Spring, with the Little Ombra in Pastry Patent by Georgia Jay

Through what form do you speak with the most confidence? Writing? Clothing? Movement? Conversation with friends?
It's difficult to put it down to one answer. The first thing that comes to my mind is writing. I like journaling in the mornings when my brain isn't awake enough to be judgemental. At the same time, I find myself speaking with the most confidence when I share a special connection with a friend (or a stranger) and the conversation flows without hesitation. 

But I think that movement would be my ultimate language of confidence. Particularly dance. The kind I do at home in front of the mirror when nobody is watching. The kind that exist and disappear within a short moment. The kind I create and then forget.

Do you find perfection or imperfection more interesting? Why?
Theres something very interesting about perfection. Because it can be so archaic and unattainable that it becomes poetic. I feel like I'm foolish enough to attempt perfection in whatever I create. 

There's so many things in the world that I find perfect. Among them are music compositions like Une Barque sur L'Ocean by Maurice Ravel or paintings like The Two Fridas (1939) by Frida Kahlo. These artists may or may not have found these works perfect at the time but I see perfection in them and the magic comes from how they attempted perfection in creating them. 

Photos and interviews by Claire Summers. Styling and creative direction by Kirra Scotland and Georgah Crane

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