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Shifting Focus: Nat Turnbull & Victoria Zschommler

A few weeks ago we gave Nat and Victoria our current Shifting Worlds collection to play with. Here they exercised a clever control of framing and proportion. Where clothing, object and model interchanges magically.

We took the opportunity to ask them some further questions about this collaboration and how their work has changed recently..

Together you have produced some beautiful imagery for Shifting Worlds, how would you explain your creative relationship?

N: Working with Victoria on projects for Shifting Worlds is often an opportunity to be innovative and work with beautiful design pieces. We work closely together to concept, plan, present ideas and execute them while always being open to the fact that on set an idea can grow and evolve and this is often where the magic happens. V: Nat and I work together quite regularly. Nat’s design and styling eye teamed up with my blend of still life and fashion photographs, work together nicely! It is always a creative pleasure to shoot and collaborate on our Shifting Worlds shoots. Your beautiful brands have so many amazing colours, textures and prints for us to be inspired by! 

Most of us have been working from home recently. Have there been any positives that you have taken from working in this way?

N: I have been enjoying the opportunity to slow down and think creatively without the pace of regular life. With this extra time, I'm reading more, walking often, listening to podcasts and watching interesting films that are all helping to open up my mind to new ways of seeing and thinking. V: Despite the heartache and sorrow that brings us to having to work from home, I definitely feel like we will all take some good from it. For me, the slower pace has been a warm welcome to my usual hectic life. I have learned to enjoy the small things, the beautiful things around me and in my life, and generally take more time for appreciation. What is something that you are looking forward to this year? N: With all previous plans essentially put on hold, I’m looking forward to reading more books, cooking different things, connecting with family and friends in new ways, expanding the way I work by learning new things and of course some nice projects. V: More than ever, I think the idea to embrace the unknown sings true to me. The future holds so many unknowns ahead of us, I feel somewhat excited by that.


Nat favours classic shapes with a pop of colour and pattern, this is reflected in her choices of the Sara Lanzi Long Pareo Skirt in Brown & Blue Block Check, Pleats Please by Issey Miyake Cone Pleats Bag in Tea Green and Jil Sander Split Colour Ballet Flats in Light Beige & White. The Mondo Mondo Eau de Parfum in The Centre of the World has a beautiful gold gilded lid and it has been seen sitting pretty on Nat's dresser.


Similar to her photographic style Victoria contrasts bold decorative elements alongside minimal staples. Her picks from the online store include the Mondo Mondo Heart Charm Necklace, Sara Lanzi Extra Wide Pant in Black and Maryam Nassir Zedeh Cecil Pumps in White. Victoria opts for a smokey Oud fragrance for these cooler months with the Orto Parisi Terroni.


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