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Shifting Focus: Madison Finn

In our first Shifting Focus, we speak to Madison Finn about the importance of doing your hair while in isolation. In these transformative times sharing of skills and creativity has truly inspired us. This series will include tutorials, interviews, styling tips and musings.



Madison has been hairdressing for thirteen years. Her education in the trade started when high school lost her interest. Although it was never something she dreamt about it stuck from the outset.

Rather than being inspired by celebrities or typical icons, Madison is influenced by colours. "I see a top in a certain colour and it will make me want to do hair like that." She said. This fascination with form and colour can only explain her amazing collection of Pleats Please pieces.

We asked Madison a few more questions about this obscure time before getting into a hair tutorial!

What has been keeping you entertained at home during self-isolation?
My baby’s teeth!!!!!!!!!!

What is the importance of doing hair during isolation?
People need to feel as if they are still accomplishing things. Hair is a fast way to make you look good, and if it turns out right.. make you feel good! Which gives you a sense of completion and proudness. The other factor is the risk factor... I think people like feeling that slight adrenaline that it might not work out. I think it’s important to feel all the emotions you would in your life normal life, and attempting to do your own hair can give you some of those.

What do you hope to work on this year?
My friend and I are starting up a little studio to work freelance from. So all my energy will be going to that, and doing collabs with my friends is a big thing I want to do more of this year!!

TRY THIS AT HOME: Change your part!
Do you want to cut your hair, but you're meant to be growing it? Trying to grow out colour, and you're feeling bored? Looking in the mirror and you know you need something different... Hair feeling flat with no natural body. Change your part!

Dry your part to the other side... all the sudden your fringe has heaps of volume!

Pick a new part for the day, all you need is a bit of water and a slight spray of hairspray... a new look in under one minute. Madison demonstrates four options below.

Don’t be afraid to use accessories to assist this look, add a cute clip or headband and this will help keep it in place.

Verner Puff Headband in Black

 Shrimps Antonia Beaded Barette in Blue

Ina Flower Barette in Cream & Blue

Antonia Beaded Barette in Navy


We asked Madison to choose her dream items that she would add to her wardrobe now. The pieces she selected show how versatile Pleats Please can be. They are colourful, fancy and comfortable. On the edge of cooler months, her soft and casual selects from Pleats and Y's by Yohji Yamamoto are artful choices.

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake Hidden Colours Dress

Thicker Bottoms 1 Tie Front Pant

Small Square Pleats Bag

Y's by Yohji Yamamoto Embroidered Back Zip Jumper with Hood

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