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Shifting Focus: Bridgette Hungerford

This week we spoke with Fashion Assistant & Stylist Bridgette 'Bridggie' Hungerford. Bridggie has a distinctive more-is-more approach to dressing which is reflective of her inspirations that make up the background of the collages she has shared with us. Her colourful appearance is matched by her wonderful attitude towards life and work.

In a busy few years she has worked across Melbourne, Paris, London and New York as a Fashion Assistant & Stylist. Working her magic with Shifting Worlds, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, MARFA Journal, LOVE Magazine and more.



This year Bridggie was set to move to London to persue her career but like many creatives working overseas she has returned to Australia until the storm has passed. We had the opportunity to ask a couple of questions while she was in the process of moving.

For some it has been easier and for others extremely difficult to feel creative while in self-isolation. Do you have any tips on how to tease out creativity?
L O O O O O N G walks and people watching along the way.

What has been your favourite styling project so far?
Oh that’s so hard! Honestly I don't have a single favourite because shoots vary so much for a multitude of reasons BUT I'll tell you about some of the funnest shoots I've been a part of!

All of the shoots I worked on for MARFA Journal were amazing because they were complete chaos and theatre; in the most beautiful way. So stressful yet so fun, highly addictive. Assisting Omaima Salem on a shoot for LOVE Magazine in London was wild, we shot on Halloween night in this goth mega club, it was like a 16hr day and such high intensity. I literally couldn’t walk the next day lol. OH! And, the biggest job I’ve ever worked on was a TV Commercial for L’Oreal Paris and that was crazy. The most stressful month of my life, but the locations were pretty breathtaking. The catering was even better LOL (there was a guy on hand at all times with liquid chocolate and cups just ready to go). I think I was just running on adrenaline the entire time.

What are your hopes for the year ahead?
Omg where do I begin … IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER
~ The Australian Government takes the Arts Industry seriously
~ First Nations people are better protected
~ Freelance workers are better protected
~ Sex workers are better protected
~ To own a bike
~ To be able to live and work in the same city as my partner for GOOD </3


We asked Bridgette to choose some of her dream items from Shifting Worlds. Some pieces selected she already owns and loves like the Maryam Nassir Zadeh Romeo Mules and Maison Louis Marie No.09 Perfume Oil are staples. We can totally see Bridggie layering the bright pink Pleats to create so many different outfits!

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake New Colourful Basics II Skirt in Pink

Mondo Mondo Halo Ring in Green

Mondo Mondo The Center of the World Eau De Parfum

Maryam Nassir Zadeh Romeo Mule in Black

Pleat Please by Issey Miyake Two Tone Slim Pants in Light Blue

Maison Louis Marie No.09 Vallee de Farney Perfume Oil

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